We develop and support global tree projects to achieve sustainable development and improve the climate






Our Climate.org invests in trees as a tool for a better climate. We develop our own green projects and we also invest in ongoing tree projects from other global NGO`s.

Trees grow and create value. Trees in urban and forest settings provide some of the most valuable eco-system services in the world. They play a key role in our battle against climate change, feed our rivers, help regulate the impact of storms and floods, harbor biologically-diverse ecosystems, and provide shelter,create employment and security for forest-dependent populations. Within our cities, urban forests purify the air and ground water, regulate temperatures, provide shade, and encourage pride of place.

Other long-term benefits of trees are a constant growth rate and a great exit strategy flexibility. Trees stability makes it the perfect portfolio hedge against more volatile markets.

We plant trees. We plant lives. We plant a future.


In Uganda we planted our Paulownia trees in January 2017. We are very excited and proud of this high growth rate- project in South Uganda close to Lake Victoria.

The Paulownia tree is one of the most versatile existing woody species and has gained tremendous popularity in the West where cultivation is booming, especially for furniture, plywood and biomass. Its leaves are fast growing and have with its 50-60 cm in diameter, a huge capacity to absorb carbon dioxide.

The Paulownia tree is a great absorber of urban noise and regenerates rapidly from underground rhizomes and sets a good ground. We chose Uganda for this project as the tropic climate and a location above sea level stabilizes the temperature and gives the perfect conditions for optimal growth.


Plant Trees - Plant Lifes - Plant the Future


Corporate Social Responsibility is

Today CSR is very much an integral part of the global business landscape


Cooperate social responsibility is our giving back to society. Every business has an impact on the environment ; We consume, use and produce. So in order to give back what has been taken, CSR is an answer. Put simply, CSR is a way to evaluate our impact on the world around, and to make changes that create positive effects in communities. Yes, even make positive effects worldwide.

Be a part of a greener future. Plant a tree today.


About Us

OUR CLIMATE.org is a Danish initiative with a green mission. We develop and support global tree projects to benefit a more sustainable world. We believe planting trees is an effective and good way to achieve sustainable development and improve climate. For us, investing in trees is investing in a future for the next generation.

Alex Mutebi

Global citizen, living in Denmark, roots in Uganda, international understanding and a hope for a more sustainable future.

Alex Mutebi, the founder of Our Climate.org, has a vision of making the world a greener place. No more, no less.

The ambitions and actions by planting trees is his primary tool to contribute to a climate friendly world – all for the sake of our present children and future adults. For him, a tree planted is a life planted. Trees reduce climate change by capturing CO2 and they provide us with clean air. Our health, yes even our survival is depended on trees.

As an extra contribution to the future, Our Climate.org makes donations to children`s education. Alex`s belief is that investments in trees goes hand in hand with investments in education. It is children who will take care of our world in the future and they need the best possible start in life. The team behind Our Climate.org look forward to plant a greener world together with YOU.

We seek a volunteer Ambassador with a GREEN heart

Our Climate.org is looking for a volunteer Ambassador to represent and promote our projects and initiatives. You will be travelling all over the world, create global connections and be part of a mission with deep influence on the future. Do you have a green heart?

Please contact us on info@ourclimate.org

We look forward to hear from you !


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